Donoussa is a beautiful small island in the southeastern Cyclades, situated 10 miles north of Amorgos and east of Naxos. The island is 14 square kilometers and  has a diameter of almost 5.5 kilometers. Gray steep cliffs plunge into the sea creating a spectacular scenery. Historically, the first inhabitants came to the island from the island of Amorgos and founded the village of "Stavros" where they built the church with its beautiful blue dome an emerald of Cycladic architecture. The Archaeological Museum of Naxos houses findings, which were discovered in Donoussa during the excavation built in 1968. These findings are basically amphorae of high quality ceramic art, which were dated to the geometrical period (the end of the 9th century BC).

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Most notable of all, is the large amphorae decorated with sets of circles. Beneath the ground, there are clear testimonies of life, dating to the earliest periods of history. According to ancient Greek mythology the island took its name from the god Dionysus, who lived on this island. Theseus and Ariadne stopped at Donoussa, which was then called "Zeus" when returning from Crete. Dionysus saw Ariadne and fell in love instantly. That is why the goddess Athena ordered Theseus to obey Dionysus and leave Ariadne on the island. So the fate of Ariadne was to become the inseparable wife of Dionysus. Additionally Donoussa was used in Roman times as a place of exile. Today whitewashed houses with blue and green windows make the Cycladic color of Donoussa 'more and more vibrant on every corner of the island.

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The scenery is complemented by a golden sandy beach and a hill with a pure white chapel, the Virgin Mary, where a brilliant celebration is held every year on August 15th. Eternal palms like turrets decorate the island, while the highest point, the mountain  "Pappas", where one can enjoy the spectacular view and one of the most beautiful sunset in Cyclades. Near the lovely sandy beach of Kedros, on the sea, one can see t 'pattern of a destroyer ship "Orion" which sank in World War II.

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There is not enough drinking water in Donoussa except the fountain in the village Mersini flowing incessantly. Thete where the nature blossoms in a truly stunning combination of green and the endless sea. There is a boat called "Donoussa Magisa" - "The Enchantress" which transports tourists to remote idyllic sandy beaches  to swim in the crystal clear green-blue sea and enjoy the simplicity at its greatness.

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There are also taverns with fresh fish, and several café-bars where every night all friends become one, while enjoy a drink at the same time with the wonderful landscape. There native rustic oven, where on a daily basis will fill your nose with new interesting smells. Donoussa is an island where its elegant simplicity, will help you relax, and enjoy nature at its fullest.