Stavros Village
Stavros is the main village of Donoussa island where the harbor lies. There you will also find the town hall and the clinic of the island. You can visit  "Panagitsa" churh on the hilltop looking over everything and everyone. You can stroll through the streets of the village,  sample the local cuisine and finally  cool off with a dip in the sparkling blue waters of Stavros beach. In the evening you can have fun in one of the village Cafe/Bars and listen to all kinds of music while gazing at the beautiful Donoussa Sunset.

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Messaria Village
A small, traditional almost uninhabited village in the middle of the southern part of the island, 4,700 meters from Stavros village.

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Mersini Village
Another small village full of drinking water springs comming down from the mountain. As a result the village is full of fruit trees and gardens filled with fresh vegetables. The view from the village is breathtaking. You can enjoy your meal on one of the two taverns at the village,  "Tzi-Tzi" with a perfect view of the Aegean Sea and wonderful appetizers and of course the tavern "The daughter of Michalis" with its incredible cuisine. Finally on the hilltop you will find the church of Agia Sophia.

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Kalotaritisa Village
Kalotaritisa is a small village on the far end of the island. There you can visit the church of Agios Georgios, bathe in the crystal clear blue waters of one of the small beaches and taste the local cuisine in the village tavern by ordering some of the specials like "Rooster in wine sauce", "braised Lamb", or the incredible "beaf burgers".
(Camping and Nudism - Not allowed).

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Stavros Village beach
A beautifull sandy beach at the village of Stavros. Perfectly crystal clear blue waters.
(Camping and Nudism - Not allowed).

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Kalotaritissa Village beach
A beautifull sandy beach at the village of Kalotaritisa. Perfect for snorkeling, so grab your scuba gear and head of to explore.
(Camping and Nudism - Not allowed).

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Kedros beach
A beautifull sandy beach 1Km from the port of Donoussa. Use your scuba gear and at a depth of four meters in the middle of the beach of Kedros, you can visit the shipwreck of a German ship that was sunk there by British aircraft in the Second World War.
(Camping  - Not allowed on the beach, it is allowed only at specific places around the area of Kedros, please contact the Municipality of Donoussa for more information).
(Nudism is allowed).

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Livadi Beach
Livadi Beach is one of most beautiful beaches around the island of Donoussa. Crystal clear blue waters and white sand everywhere.
(Camping - Not allowed).
(Nudism is allowed).

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Fikio Beach
Fikio Beach is remotely located near the village of Mersini. Its small sandy beach surrounded by rocks that form caves around a rocky landscape.
(Camping and Nudism - Not allowed).

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Tripiti (Vlychos) Beach
Tripiti Beach is a small beach located on the left of Kalotaritisa village, where you can relax and enjoy nature at its fullest.
(Camping - Not allowed).
(Nudism is allowed).

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Other beaches around the island.
The island of Donoussa is filled with tiny beaches accesible on foot or by boat. So... lets start exploring !!!.



A fantastic cave with turquoise waters, accessible from the village of Stavros only by boat. The cave is said to be a refuge of seals in the winter. I really urge you to take a dip in the beautiful turquoise waters of the cave

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Tichos Cave
A fantastic cave acessible from Stavros village via boat.

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Panagitsa "Virgin Mary" Church
A traditional small church at the hilltop at Stavros village. The view of the whole village from up there is breathtaking. If you are a couple, or just a romantic, take your camera, and gaze on the beautiful sunset of Donoussa.

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Stavros Church
The main church of Stavros village. The true emerald of Cycladic arcitecture.

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